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Kira’s First Year album

Am I good about taking pictures of the lovely, custom albums I create for my clients? Yes. Am I good about sharing those pictures? No! I’m terrible, actually! I admit it! Here’s a sweet album I delivered months ago. I documented Kira’s first year from baby bump on, and it was so much fun watching her grow. Designing the album is always bittersweet, and handing it over to my clients even more so. But I know that this book will become more and more of a treasure to them over the years, as Kira starts school and grows tall and learns to drive and goes to college. Babyhood is a mere blink of an eye. I’m so glad to be able to capture these sweet moments for my clients!

Colorado Springs newborn photography :: Welcome Baby C!

baby portraits photography Colorado Springs
I took these pictures of Baby C last month when he was exactly six weeks old, and I was so happy to meet him! I had known he was coming for months, so when the time finally to came to meet this little peanut, I couldn’t wait to capture his chubby little cheeks and dimpled feet. He was such a love, too — he never cried or fussed once, just looked at me with those big, solemn baby eyes. So, so cute!

Colorado Springs baby photographers
Colorado Springs baby photography
newborn photographers Colorado Springs
newborn photographers Colorado Springs