The S family

This is my friend Shery and her family. Shery owns First Glimpse Ultrasound, right next door to my studio, and she’s a great neighbor! In fact she’s been so wonderful that I did this little portrait shoot for her as a gift. Doesn’t she have a gorgeous family? Between her and Don they have six kids, including twins, and they’re all just adorable. We did these portraits on a sunny but very chilly afternoon, a couple of days after Christmas. Thanks Shery for being such an awesome neighbor!




Jakob (who has lots of energy!)

McKenzie, the oldest

Supermom Shery !!!

The baby of the family, Bryson, was a little pooped by the time we got to his individual portrait! But he gamely smiled for exactly one millisecond (after we bribed him with a promise of hot chocolate!). What a cute little guy.

Making cute for the camera.