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Leo’s first Christmas!

I’m documenting Leo’s first year, including his first Christmas! These portraits were taken on December 28th. Leo’s multinational parents (American and Italian) filled their house with proud grandparents (and a great grandparent), aunties and cousins from around the world for this photo shoot, and everyone was eager to pose with the little superstar.
Leo didn’t disappoint! Here’s a small handful of personal faves from our session.

Max turns one!

Look at this big boy! Max’s parents, Angie and Jordan, had me do some portraits to mark his first birthday, and oh he is sooooooooo cute. We did these at a park near their home in Denver on Sunday the 31st. Max is a really active little guy, I had my hands full on this portrait shoot!
He’s all roly poly and dimply — I love his chubby little cheeks and cheerful smile. Don’t you just want to pick him up and squeeze him?

Max was pretty much running around like this the entire time, with a huge smile on his face. He had us in stitches.

He loved the bubbles!

Isn’t this hilarious?!?

The H family

I photographed Liz and Chad’s wedding way back in May of 2004, and we’ve kept in touch over the years. Recently Chad received a great distinction at work (Employee of the Year!) and needed a head shot for the company to use. They decided to do some family portraits while we were at it, especially since their adorable daughter, Addison, was about to turn two. Addison is a little spark plug! She’s absolutely adorable and she looks just like her parents. She was a real ham for the camera, which resulted in some great portraits of her.

I had so much fun taking these — I can’t wait until next time!

I hadn’t planned on using the muslin backdrop for the family portraits (it was in place for Chad’s head shots), but Addison jumped right in there with her pony. Cute!

I learned a long time ago that turning a kid upside will always get a smile out of them.

I love this picture of Addison running toward Mommy and Daddy.

Addison in her room.

One of my favorite images from Liz and Chad’s wedding, May 2004.

Souheila & Aaron

As you can see from these pictures, this little family of two is about to become a family of three! Souheila is French and Aaron is American. They met in college quite a few years ago and have been happily married for a while. Now they’re finally working on growing the family tree, much to the excitement of their parents! We took these portraits a couple of weeks ago in the Garden of the Gods on a perfect autumn day. We really got lucky with the light and the weather. It was wonderful.

Souheila and Aaron are really excited about their new addition. For the curious, it’s a girl — but her name is a big secret! She’s due in a month. I can’t wait to meet her!

Doesn’t Souheila look fantastic?!? Pregnancy becomes her.

The C family!

This is a family with six kids ranging from age four to 18! Before you decide to pity the parents, let me tell you how much they love parenting and clearly adore every single one of their brood. I had a LOT of fun taking these portraits, so much so that when I got home from the shoot I still had a huge grin on my face! What a super family! Everyone was so nice, so cute in their own way, and so much fun to work with. Thanks guys, I can’t wait for the next time!

Let’s see if I can name all the kids… from left: Alex, Zack, Henry, Mary, Tess and JJ. Hey, good for me for remembering all those names!

Here’s Zack. It just seemed right to have him climb a tree for his portrait. To me he looks like Huck Finn!

Mary — she was so proud of those hot pink crocs!

Here’s Henry, oh my! Look at those big hazel eyes and those dimples!

We had the most amazing light for this portrait of Tess.

Mom and dad, Tina and Mike. Can you believe this woman has had six kids?!? She looks great!

When I told the kids I wanted them to form a human pyramid, they thought I was crazy! But what a cute picture!

They ordered this composite of Mary jumping to go in her room, which is also pink. Adorable!

Mike and Tina loved this composite of all their kids. It’s going to look great in their house!

They also ordered this wonderful composite to give as Christmas presents to the grandparents. What a cool gift!