Amity + Jorge’s sweet backyard wedding

There was a time when it was common to get married in your parents’ backyard, but nowadays it’s a rarity, which makes it special. I relish the opportunity to document a backyard wedding like Amity and Jorge’s. And funny thing, her parents live on the same street as mine! Only a few doors away, actually! So this was doubly fun for me. Jorge has carried a torch for Amity ever since high school, when they were good friends. Several years (and children!) later, they reconnected on Facebook, and wouldn’t you know it, they fell truly in love. What a great story! Congratulations Jorge and Amity!

Boudoir Month is coming!!!

October is Boudoir Month at Click Photography! Are you ready? I’ll be offering big discounts on all my boudoir portrait packages. The calendar fills up quickly, so make sure to book early!

In anticipation, I’ll be instagramming a sexy shot every day around 5:00pm for the entire month of September. Follow me on Instagram here┬áto catch all the hot shots!