Green Mountain Falls wedding :: Marcea + Mark

Not that I don’t love a big, traditional wedding, but it’s fun to get an outside-the-box couple like Marcea and Mark every now and then! It’s also extra lovely when they happen to be friends of mine (well, Mark’s technically a new friend, but I give Marcea my full approval on him  ). They were married in a small ceremony at the historic gazebo in Green Mountain Falls, on a beautiful, sunny fall day, and they stayed true to themselves down to their matching Doc Martens. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bride in black before. Marcea looked perfect! Congratulations to the bride and groom, you were made for each other Marcea and Mark! Smooches! 

Pioneers Museum wedding :: Diana + Cody

Cody and Diana’s wedding was so much fun for me to document because I’m a Colorado Springs history nerd, and this big Italian bash really checked all the boxes! They got ready at the Alexander House, a historic mansion in the Old North End owned by a dear family friend. The ceremony was at the beautiful, Belle Époque era Pioneers Museum, and the reception was in the Art Déco era Gold Room at the Mining Exchange. And to top things off, Diana wore her grandmother’s incredible, handmade wedding gown from 1943. Wow! Beyond all that though, was the obvious affection that Cody and Diana’s close knit families feel for this sweet couple. This wedding was a long time coming, so everyone was very excited for them. And you can see from the pictures how in madly love they are. <3 I had a wonderful time. What a fantastic end to a great wedding season!

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Josh + Melissa’s Cliff House Wedding

Look at this gorgeous couple! Josh is from here, but Melissa’s from Michigan, so she definitely wanted a mountain wedding. We took advantage of the beautiful weather on their big day to take a few portraits in the Garden of the Gods before the ceremony. After the vows were made, the big bash commenced! Melissa’s painstakingly handmade wedding details enhanced the Cliff House’s beautiful, historic ballroom. I was so impressed with her skills (custom wood burning, anyone?!?)! Everything from the bouquets to the table decor was lovingly made by her. Wow! Congratulations, Melissa and Josh! I had fun documenting your wedding day!

Downtown Colorado Springs wedding :: Lauren + Ben

What can I say about this amazing event? I’ve documented a lot of weddings, but never one quite like this. Lauren and Ben did it their way, from the Nerf “ammo” ring holder to the jazz orchestra that had the reception jumping. Many of their friends participated in the ceremony, either by speaking, playing a musical instrument, or singing — it was the most entertaining wedding I’ve ever witnessed. In fact, even Ben and Lauren performed, and the best part was the audience sing-along at the end! What a fantastic day! We laughed, we cried, we sang, and it was wonderful.  Congrats Lauren and Ben!