Fashion portraits on the beach!

Long time client Heather, who lives in Arizona, commissioned me to fly to southern California to do three shoots in one:  family portraits, senior portraits for her oldest son, and some very special fashion portraits of just her wearing a fabulous, slinky red gown. This, ladies, is my forté:  photographing women beautifully. We wandered up and down La Jolla Cove as the waves crashed, and I got some simply amazing pictures of her. If you would like to dress up and create some incredible portraits like these, for no other reason than you’re gorgeous and you deserve to feel beautiful, contact me for a consultation.

Red Rock Canyon family photos :: the Smiths

I was the lucky photographer for Alex and Emily’s wedding in 2012, and exactly six years to the day later, I was the lucky photographer who got to make some new portraits of them with their three beautiful children in Red Rock Canyon. Just look at these gorgeous babies! As for Emily and Alex, I was so happy to see them again, I couldn’t stop talking, I wanted to hear all that they’ve been up to since they got married! (Besides making babies, that is.) By the way, Emily’s a family photographer too, and her work is beautiful! If you’re lucky enough to live in south central New Mexico, you can have her do YOUR family pictures. Follow Emily here on Instagram:  (@mrs.emilysmith). 

Mount Princeton Hot Springs wedding :: Samantha + Joe

I was absolutely thrilled to be the photographer for Joe and Samantha’s wedding. Why, you ask? Because I’ve been photographing Sam since she was a tweenager, and now look at her! I was over the moon when they got engaged and tapped me for the photography. And I couldn’t have picked a better guy for her. Joe and Sam make a great team! Their wedding at the Mount Princeton Hot Springs was perfect (but who would expect less from Sam?), and the party was awesome fun. Congratulations Sam and Joe! I’m so happy for you!