K’s Boudoir Session in the Studio

boudoir photography Colorado Springs

I did these gorgeous, classic intimate portraits of K at my boudoir studio in Colorado Springs a couple of weeks ago. She did this photo shoot as a surprise birthday gift for her boyfriend, E. (Shhhh! Don’t spill!) I think K is such a stunner! When she first showed up for her portraits, like so many of my clients she was a little hesitant at the outset, but once we picked out the right outfits and started shooting, she relaxed and really got into it. As you can see, K is fabulous, fierce and photogenic! I love bringing out the hidden sexy vixen in my clients, it’s so much fun!

At the reveal a few days later, when K saw her how magnificent she looked in her photos, she was so happy! It was really an emotional moment for her. She told me that she never thought of herself as beautiful, but these pictures made her realize what we can all plainly see:Ā  she is truly dazzling. Her boyfriend is going to be so stoked when he gets his birthday present! Rawr!

Colorado Springs boudoir studio

Colorado Springs boudoir photography

sexy photography Colorado Springs

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sexy photography Colorado Springs

Another Fun Pinup Shoot!

Beautiful, bodacious Miss. B is a returning client who loves to dress up as a pinup girl! This is our second photo shoot together, with another one planned in the spring. We did these pinup girl photos in my Colorado Springs studio at the end of January. Isn’t she fabulous? I love working with her! I’m sure you have lots of questions, so I’ll try and answer them for you. Other than the pink petticoat, these are her own clothes, but no, B doesn’t go around dressed as a sexy pinup girl on a daily basis (though I do know some women who do!). In fact, she’s a busy working mother of two and a committed Air Force wife. In her normal, non-photo-shoot life, B wears the same kinds of clothing that everyone else does — sweaters, jeans and flats, or comfy yoga pants when she’s not at work. Oh and she wears glasses, too, like so many of us, me included! That’s a “Bettie Page” wig from De Oro wigs; B owns several of them and this one is her latest acquisition. Her natural hair color is actually a medium brown, and it’s shorter than this, but I think she looks great in her fantasy Bettie Page persona!

Also, B wanted me to mention that she’s very much a body positive advocate. She’sĀ  worked hard to lose about 80 pounds in the last couple of years, but she loves herself at any size. (And it goes without saying that her husband positively worships her.) I really love her healthy attitude! B is one of my favorite clients and I can’t wait for our next photo shoot!

Colorado Springs pinup photographers

Colorado Springs pinup photographers

Colorado Springs pinup photographers

Colorado Springs elopement :: Kim + Chris

I sometimes get asked if I do small weddings, and my answer is that I love small weddings! I especially love elopements, when it’s just me, the officiate and the happy couple. It’s the sweetest! Oftentimes it’s a couple like Kim and Chris, who are in their fifties, each with grown children, and taking a second chance at love and lifetime commitment. They opted to get married at a private spot in Palmer Park that had a beautiful view of the mountains and the city. As you can see, they’re madly in love! Congratulations Chris and Kim!