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My favorite images of 2010

Here are my favorite images of 2010! I spent the last couple of days going through all the portraits and weddings I did last year, and came up with over 100 images that I consider my favorites. It was really fun to compile this, but even more fun to take all these pictures over the last 12 months. Enjoy the video (it may take a minute to load, please be patient)! To all my lovely clients, thank you for a wonderful 2010, and here’s to an even better 2011!

Leo turns one!

[ Colorado Springs portrait studio ]

Behold Leo on his very first birthday! I’ve been documenting his entire first year, and was so happy to be able to work in his official first birthday portraits on the actual day. It’s only been a few short months but I barely recognized him, he’s grown so much! Leo really went for it with the cake smash — he was covered in frosting by the end. What a cute little guy!

Getting good pictures of this active one-year old was like catching the proverbial lightning in a bottle. Leo definitely made me work for it! Here he is flirting for the camera ;o)

Let the madness begin…

Jackson Pollock would have been proud of Leo’s purple interpretation of his first birthday.

Alas, time to clean off the mess. Leo didn’t seem too bummed about it. Turns out he loves hanging out in the sink as much as he loves purple frosting.

Leo’s first Christmas!

I’m documenting Leo’s first year, including his first Christmas! These portraits were taken on December 28th. Leo’s multinational parents (American and Italian) filled their house with proud grandparents (and a great grandparent), aunties and cousins from around the world for this photo shoot, and everyone was eager to pose with the little superstar.
Leo didn’t disappoint! Here’s a small handful of personal faves from our session.

Welcome baby Leo!

This is Leo, who was six weeks old when we did these portraits a couple of weekends ago. Isn’t he adorable? His parents, Jennifer and Simone, are having me chronicle Leo’s first year in a series of four photo shoots (you can see their maternity portraits here). If you’re interested in a Baby’s First Year package, contact me at (719) 321-7990.

Congratulations Jen and Simo! Leo, I can’t wait for our next photo shoot!

Yes, he peed on the bed. But it was worth it to get this cute photo.

I love this picture. He’s so cute!

I just love how he’s looking at his mommy in this image.

The whole crew. A little tired, but extremely happy!

A baby for Jen and Simo!

[ Boulder portrait photographer ]

Jennifer and Simone’s 2006 Denver wedding was one of my favorites of all time — what a great party that was! They were married at Cheesman Park in Denver and I had a blast documenting it, so I was tickled to get an e-mail from them last month asking for maternity portraits. Such a nice surprise to hear the great news! We took these portraits last week at their charming home in south Boulder. Baby is due on September 1st and I can’t wait!

Simone is Italian. For those of you who don’t speak the language, his name is pronounced see-MOH-nay, or Simo for short. Their son will have an Italian name too, but I won’t give it away until after he arrives. Since they are doing a Baby’s First Year package, you’ll get to watch him grow along with me :o)

I know this has nothing to do with maternity portraits, but I couldn’t resist getting a snap of their adorable cat.

I would say that pregnancy becomes Jen. She looks great!

They’re going to have a beautiful baby! The teddy bear belonged to Jen when she was a child.

The light in their upstairs hallway was downright cinematic. Love it.

At a park just down the street from their home.

One of my favorite images from their 2006 wedding in Denver.