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The little moments before the big moment

I’m in the middle of updating my website, a process that can be a little agonizing because there are so many tough decisions to make. But it’s also a ton of fun going through my work from the last couple of years and reliving all the sweet little moments, like this one from Shelby and Christian’s wedding at the Garden of the Gods Club. This was taken less than an hour before she walked up the aisle, and the excitement was palpable. What a great day that was!

Jason + Eileen’s beautiful Cliff House wedding album

I delivered this book many months ago, but I’m terrible about actually showing off pictures of my wedding albums. These have just been sitting on my hard drive forever — my bad! It’s high time I showed you Eileen and Jason’s beautiful wedding heirloom!

Amity + Jorge’s sweet backyard wedding

There was a time when it was common to get married in your parents’ backyard, but nowadays it’s a rarity, which makes it special. I relish the opportunity to document a backyard wedding like Amity and Jorge’s. And funny thing, her parents live on the same street as mine! Only a few doors away, actually! So this was doubly fun for me. Jorge has carried a torch for Amity ever since high school, when they were good friends. Several years (and children!) later, they reconnected on Facebook, and wouldn’t you know it, they fell truly in love. What a great story! Congratulations Jorge and Amity!

Mining Exchange wedding :: Christina + Josh

Another romance that started in high school! Christina and Josh dated as teens and even went to prom together (how I’d love to see those pictures!), then a couple of years later they reconnected during their college years. This wedding was the culmination of years of deep love and friendship. The families were ecstatic! And even though it sure looked like we were going to get dumped on, the rain miraculously held off and we even got some great afternoon sunshine. It was such a sweet, sentimental celebration. You could feel the love! Congratulations Josh and Christina, what a wonderful day!